Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy
Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy

My life revolves around two fundamental principles people look forward to but don’t know how to get there. They are Health and Happiness. Hunger is the third, but I’m not focusing there yet.

I studied diploma in electronics and communication engineering because my mother wanted me to.

Then, I got into 2-D animation and 3-D graphics. Then, started a company called VIMSUN computers to sell computer hardware. This was when I got back pain. My insights into life started with this pain, which was healed by unconventional methods by Reiki practitioners after two misdiagnoses by a famous neurosurgeon and orthopaedic surgeon.

During my time in bed, I devoured spiritual books, which created the path in which I was to grow.

That’s when I joined a yoga class, and my path changed. I got myself certified as a Yoga instructor and then as a therapist. I realised I could intuitively manipulate postures and breathing techniques to benefit my clients more.

I went into research in Yoga Shastras and Ayurveda. I worked with clients taking treatments from a research institute called FRLHT. They spotted my ability and absorbed me as a senior research fellow.

I loved the four-plus years of research. During that stint in 2002, I learnt Nadi Pariksha in Dehradun and Mussoorie. It came to me as if I knew it already. Books for in-depth study on Nadi Pariksha found me. Here I am, author of two books, struggling to write the third one.

I was always a nature and wildlife enthusiast. I have it in my blood from my geologist father. He was an expert in mapping gold, diamonds and precious gems. My father had one fear, snakes, and I love them.

As years passed, I married Sudha, our dancer daughter, born with a divine intention. She’s now 20 and is a classical dancer studying her triple major in Bharatanatyam, English Literature and Psychology. She was homeschooled.

When my daughter was six, I was bitten by a Russell’s viper. The hemotoxin venom worked through my index finger, where I got bitten into the blood, affecting my kidneys. To make it worse, I was on an overdose of antivenin. I had six and a half hours to live.

I stared at the clock and decided… if I was going to live, I needed this finger to do Nadi Pariksha. Lying in the hospital bed with my body reacting to the overdose, I switched roles and did Nadi Pariksha to the nurses and doctors who came to examine me. It took the fear of death away from me.

It took me three days to get out of the hospital and 2 1/2 years of loving this existence that healed my body completely and strengthened my resolve.

Another episode two years later stopped the heart, and I saw myself as a blob in the body. I saw death. I was sucked back into life.

These two experiences have shaped my future work in the field of health.

Backed by my life experiences, in 2016, I started a company, Nadichikitsa Wellness OPC Pvt Ltd. Through this company, I practice Nadi Pariksha and Marma Chikitsa and bring products that benefit my clients. On August 10th 2023, I started Nadichikitsa Institute For Ayurvedic Studies, through which I will have research and training for Ayurveda doctors, therapists, trainers and others.

I have offered corporate training to private companies, public sector companies, and government organisations on Service Beyond the Self and Swayam Bhakti - Devotion towards oneself.