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The modern hospital trend of seeing more clients in less time has left a gap in diagnosis, investigation and health evaluation. The birth of medical equipment is supposed to fill the gap, but only after a proper diagnosis can a doctor use a machine, such as an MRI, CT Scan, or blood work, to investigate further. Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy recognised this gap and realised the need for research in Ayurveda, so, on 10th August 2023, he started NadiChikitsa Institute for Ayurvedic Studies.

Our principles

We believe in a totalitarian approach to researching Ayurveda, which includes the manas, body, and Atman.

Global Contribution

Traditional Wisdom

Holistic Approach

Our efforts are in retaining the traditional wisdom of Ayurveda, while we simplify it so it can be adapted to a modern lifestyle.

We wish to take our research to the world, contributing to the advancement and proper understanding of Ayurveda .

Our Objectives

Research and provide evidence between thought, emotion and symptoms and intelligently translate ancient Ayurvedic remedies into simple and easy-to-follow practices without compromising their benefits.

Global Contribution

The Finishing School

Holistic Research

To establish a finishing school for BAMS graduates to establish and run Ayurvedic treatment centres where traditional methods of investigation and evaluation are used to conduct traditional treatments.

To train caregivers to provide Indian Marma Healing remedy and other traditional Ayurvedic pain relief remedies to the senior citizens’ community worldwide and help them manage their pain better.

Dr Mahesh

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