When I had the severe pain

I have been suffering with pain behind my ears since 15days, happen to consult various ENT, Dental Specialist took many Scans and medications but there was no relief neither they were able to diagnose the problem.


Ms Vinaya Bharadwaj

4/7/20241 min read


I wanted to express my sincere gratitude To Sudha & Dr.Mahesh of Nadi Chikitsa Wellness Pvt. Ltd.

I have been suffering pain behind my ears since 15days. I consulted various ENT, Dental Specialists, took many Scans and medications, but there was no relief, neither they were able to diagnose the problem.

Today, when my pain shot high i happened to visit my dentist and they suggested me to get my molar tooth removed. I luckily happened to call Sudha with lots of hopes. Inspite of his busy schedule of Dr. Mahesh, Sudha understood my agony and connected me instantly to Doctor Mahesh.

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your prompt assistance and invaluable guidance over the telephone earlier today. Your support during my moment of pain meant a great deal to me, and I am truly grateful for your expertise and dedication to your patients.

Your ability to assess the situation swiftly and provide me with a quick remedy by guiding my daughter with specific marma chikitsa, not only eased my discomfort but also reassured me in a time of uncertainty. Your professionalism and compassion shine brightly, and I feel fortunate to have you as my doctor. Your commitment to providing exceptional care, even over the phone, speaks volumes about your dedication to your clients' well-being.

I am deeply thankful for your assistance and guidance during this challenging time. Once again, thank you for your invaluable support. Your kindness and expertise have made a significant difference, regards

- Vinaya, Basavangudi - Bangalore