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An overview of Nadi Pariksha

When I was young and unwell, my father would take me to a doctor who would feel my pulse, palpitate my abdomen, talk to my father, and conclude about my sickness. Then, he would give me one injection or a tablet, and I would be alright.

Those times have changed. Doctors no longer know why some symptoms occur. The quality of modern healthcare is dwindling rapidly. Without blaming the system, let us focus on what we can do about our health. We need to learn how to listen to our bodies in such times. When you know what ails, you will know what to tell your doctor, thereby getting a sure remedy for your illness.

Our body has three major kinds of imbalances. They are hyperactivity, lethargy and heightened metabolic activity (HMA). These three imbalances occur because of the influence of thoughts and feelings over the body. While hyperactivity causes stiffness and rigidity in the body, lethargy causes us to put on weight, increases blood cholesterol, increases chances of getting diabetes and slows down our sensory faculties. HMA causes rapid weight loss, hyperacidity, acid reflux, heartburn, migraines, allergies and cancers.

If we have to know what is causing our illness, we also need to know what is influencing the body to become sick.

Nadi Pariksha is an ancient practice of Ayurveda that helps us listen to the body and identify the influences of our thoughts and feelings thereby narrowing down to the root cause of the illnesses. As a layman, and without the knowledge of medicine, the least you can do is to improve your understanding of your body and mind and be able to pinpoint the cause of your ill health.

Here's what our clients say

Have undergone the Nadi Pariksha training under Mahesh sir. He introduced us to Nadi and its revelations. It's such an amazing thing to know that small beautiful beats can tell everything about a person. Hearty thanks Mahesh sir.

Sapna Dixit

Mahesh sir has recently taught us the ancient practice of Nadi Pariksha. It was wonderful to know how we can tell the root cause of any disease and so much more just by feeling the pulse. The way sir taught us inspired us even more.

Vaishnavi Nellutla

Never knew something like this existed until I met Mr Mahesh Garu in Hyderabad in his Nadi chikitsa Training. His knowledge and expertise in Nadi Pariksha is incredible. Best treatment using principles of yoga and Ayurveda.

Guru Charan


Learn how your body functions, what organs and processes constitute the body and how your thoughts and feelings influence the body. This learning is needed before you begin to learn to feel the pulse so that you know what you will look for.

Learn how your thoughts, emotions and feelings alter your food preferences. Learn how diseases manifest. Foods can heal. When you know what foods to consume and when, you can steadily reverse your symptoms.

Illnesses do not manifest overnight. They breed silently and surface when the conditions are just right. When you learn to listen to the body, you also learn what the body is accumulating which will over time lead to an illness.

Nadi Pariksha Training will take you through the Foundation course, which is a two-day training. This method of training will help you absorb and practice successfully.




In this training you will learn

  • How your body functions

  • How your thoughts and feelings influence the body

  • How your food preferences change with emotions

  • What causes illnesses and how they manifest

  • How to listen to your body's signals

  • Sensitising your fingers to feel the pulse

  • Vikrti Pariksha (identifying changes in your body)

  • How to curate a lifestyle and diet to reverse your symptoms steadily

  • What practices you can adopt to improve your overall well-being

The Trainer

Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy

23+ Years of experience in Nadi Pariksha, Doot Nadi Pariksha and Sutra Nadi Pariksha

Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy
Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Registering for the Nadi Pariksha Workshop gives you access to all the lessons that will help you understand how your body functions, how your thoughts and feelings influence the body, how your food preferences change with emotions, what causes illnesses and how they manifest, how to listen to your body's signals, how to curate a lifestyle and diet to reverse your symptoms steadily and what practices you can adopt to improve your overall well-being.


2 Days Training
Nadi Pariksha – A Sacred Science of Pulse Diagnosis

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