Fundamentals of Ayurveda

Do you think you are giving healthy food to your children? India has six seasons. Each of these seasons influences our body. You become sick with flu and fever when you don't know when you can eat and what. With the knowledge of Ayurveda, everyone can control their health by choosing the proper nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

The course helps you learn what is your innate body and mind type. How do you keep the life force within you in balance? What is the cause of diseases, and how do they develop? What is your body telling you when you experience symptoms? Learn the language of the body. Then, you can react and regain balance before trivial illnesses develop into serious and even irreversible illnesses.

You will learn how different spices and herbs have different effects on the body and mind, how to choose food that is good for you, and which lifestyle and exercise suit you.

Emphasis is placed on nutrition, exercise, supplements, herbs, exercise, breathing exercises, meditation and more that affect health and well-being.

Duration: 19 + hours
Eligibility: 18+
Instruction Language: English, Hindi

Nadi Pariksha for Non-Doctors

When I was young and unwell, my father would take me to a doctor who would feel my pulse, palpitate my abdomen, talk to my father, and conclude about my sickness. Then, he would give me one injection or a tablet, and I would be alright.

Those times have changed. Doctors no longer know why a symptom occurs. The quality of modern healthcare is dwindling rapidly. Without blaming the system, let us focus on what we can do about our health. We need to learn how to listen to our bodies in such times. When you know what ails, you will know what to tell your doctor, thereby getting a sure remedy for your illness.

Nadi Pariksha is an ancient practice of Ayurveda that helps us listen to the body and identify the root cause of illnesses. As a layman, and without the knowledge of medicine, the least you can do is to improve your understanding of your body and be able to pinpoint the cause of your ill health.

Duration: 24 hours
Eligibility: 21 Years +
Instruction Language: English, Hindi

Nadi Pariksha
Nadi Pariksha
Indian Marma Healing Training

The central aspect of healing in Ayurveda is to keep Vata Dosha under check and also regulate Pitta and Kapha Dosha. The spectrum of healing ranges from physical therapy with or without oil to dietary and lifestyle changes, and Ayurveda medicines streamline the flow of Vayu in the body. Marma Healing is one of them.

Amongst the three Doshas, Vata is the most unstable Doshas. Vata Dosha has several Gunas or properties. Their aggravation causes dryness and roughness in the skin, constipation, hair fall, dry eyes, dry throat, giddiness, unsteady gait, swelling in feet, muscle spasms, snoring, sleep disorders, restless thinking, anxiety and palpitations. Eating cold, reheated, dry and bakery foods can aggravate Vata Dosha. Similarly, restless thinking anxiety can also influence Vata Dosha.

Marma Healing is an excellent practice that reduces Vata Dosha and quickly restores health.

Check with us if you are eligible to learn Indian Marma Healing

Duration: 6 hours per month x 3 months
Eligibility: 21+
Instruction Language: English, Hindi

Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional health is a critical component of overall well-being and can significantly impact various aspects of a person's life, including relationships, work, and physical health.

Most people are emotionally immature or unaware and cannot address their emotions appropriately. This causes stress, adversely affecting their self-care, personal relationships, and health.

Often, emotionally stressed individuals seek a friend or a colleague to pour out. It would be best if you could guide your friend or colleague.

It is possible to help your friend or colleague get out of their emotional stress with the Emotional detox programme.

With this programme, you will learn specific ways to help your friend or colleague who needs emotional help vent without allowing yourself to get affected and overcome their trauma. This training is necessary for you because, often, even trained psychologists go to bed with thoughts of their clients, which affects their health.

Duration: 16 hours
Eligibility: 21+
Instruction Language: English, Hindi

Emotional Detox
Emotional Detox


Here's what our customers say

I had attended the Nadi course taken by Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy sir. It was really a great experience to learn the Nadi Chikitsa at Nadi Chikitsa Institute, Bangalore. Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy sir has immense knowledge in Nadi and in Ayurveda. He had explained the concepts of Ayurveda in a very simple form and shared a lot of experiences pertaining to Nadi & Ayurveda. The content was well organised and focused on practical aspects. He encouraged constantly to do Nadi examination and guided us giving personal attention to each and every one of us. Thank you for being a wonderful Guru who is ready to spread his valuable knowledge to all.


I attended the Nadi Chikistha training at the centre(1 week), the training was extremely helpful to understand our own health and also help diagnose others.
Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy is extremely passionate about his practices and also very knowledgeable, he has great patience to teach, which was very helpful during the learning. He is on a mission to share his knowledge with the maximum number of people so that people start believing and using our ancient healing practice without going through surgeries and unnecessary medications.
I would highly recommend this training for people in the Ayurveda and Yoga field.

- Premila Shetty